Nursery Decor a Collection of Pink Mobiles with Butterflies for your Nursery

Pink Mobiles for Nursery .... ButterflyOrbs ....nursery decor addition that delights!

Small Butterfly Mobile in white, cream and pink fabric butterflies. 
Made to Order.
About 12 inches in diameter. Each orb arrives with a clear hanging line
and that allows for the butterflies to appear to be floating in the air.

A Medium Butterfly Mobile with hot pink, pink, peach and 
iridescent fabric butterflies. 
About 12 inches in diameter.

A Medium Butterfly Mobile with hot pink, sage and white fabric 
butterflies and a diameter of about 12 inches. 

Made to Order. 
Custom Made for you.

Handmade Custom Butterfly Mobiles Etsy Butterfly Mobiles

Just so smitten with these butterfly mobiles, moving and swirling gently in a breeze it was just such a joy to create this Trio for a client. With the addition of a Flower Mobile this project was a thrill to create and work with my client!

Watching the mobiles coming to life and then seeing them hanging together was a pleasure. And this Trio flew to its new home, a nursery, about two weeks ago....

The butterflies and flowers are movable so you can shape your orbs to your liking. The client and I had so much fun with the color selection and flower choices to make.

Here is another photo of the flower orb by itself~

View over 100 ButterflyOrbs at my shop, it is fun to see all the possibilities!

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Hanging Nursery Mobiles with Flowers .... by ButterflyOrbs

Sometimes one steps "out of the box" and creates orb mobiles with flowers~ and
in doing so wonderful art pieces for a nursery was created.

These are all about 15 inches in diameter 
and hang with a clear hanging line which adds 
a magical appearance of being suspended in mid-air. 

As each Flower Orb is so unique and created with exact colors in mind.
You may contact ButterflyOrbs directly for a consultation.
ButterflyOrbs doesn't show these orbs on Etsy as they are too
specific in color and style of orb...they are however just thrilling to
create as each one is so special~