Handmade Baby Crib Mobile...Sweet colors for your baby girl nursery.

A baby mobile for a crib or changing table. The movement is sweet and serene and 
will entertain both baby and you to breathe, relax and be captivated by the movement 
in the least of a breeze. 

With the accompanying clear hanging line the hanging baby crib mobile with butterflies appears
to be floating in the air. 

In the colors of fabric peach butterflies, coral and mint butterflies 
the colors are fresh!

You may have a mobile created in your colors
and there are several sizes available. 

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hanging mobile for a baby crib

The Details:

This Baby Crib Mobile is about 14 inches in diameter. 
Arrives Ready to Hang.
Comes with a Clear Hanging Line. 
72 Fabric Butterflies
Peach, Coral and Mint.


Purple Nursery Mobile for Baby

nursery mobile for baby

A Nursery Mobile for baby girl with purple roses and flowers, 
a touch of feathered butterflies and 
silver fabric butterflies for a touch of sparkle. 

This is a one of a kind....created as a crib mobile with a 
span of 14 inches. 

The sphere of  flowers and butterflies will appear to be floating
as this mobile arrives with an attached clear hanging line for you. 

Love creating and collaborating with clients for a baby mobile
that suits their space and needs...such great fun!

Baby Girl Nursery Designs

A Butterfly Flower Mobile was created with a 
collaboration between client and myself.

We exchanged ideas, butterfly colors and flower selections were sent via e-mail. 
And here is the final outcome:

Baby Girl Mobile with Flowers for a Girl Nursery

The sphere of fabric butterflies and flowers 
appear to be floating in the air.
A span of about 16 inches in diameter with 
fabric flowers and butterflies. 

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