A Butterfly Mobiles Collection by ButterflyOrbs

A Small Collection of ButterflyOrbs

Custom Colors

Three Sizes Shown Here

over 100 orbs to view at my shop:

A Medium All White Orb for : $52.

A Large ButterflyOrb for: $64

Another Large ButterflyOrb
you may have your orb in your colors....

A Medium in Purples....for $52.

A Large ButterflyOrb with Flowers for $74.

                                         A Trio of orbs....one large and two small for $125.

Coral Nursery Ideas

Coral Nursery Ideas:

Found these battery-operated lights at an Etsy shop called:

Pamela Angus

Love a good find at a thrift store...and painting a dresser in coral. 

Found this at UrbanOutfitters 
it is wallpaper
you could frame in, line shelves with it and of course
use it as wallpaper.

And of course I would add a ButterflyOrb to the mix .....